About Us


Tradition, Community, Meeting point, Personality – thiese are only a few words, which describe
the institution of the hotel „Zum Dorfbrunnen“ that we are.
Not only because of the celtic aboriginal people of the prior called twon of Walarichestorp or Walathor,
how the twon of Waldorf was called in earlier times and also not only because of the ancient Romans
the town of Waldorf was the perfect spot to create a meeting point for the entire town.

Our history dates back to the year of 1977.

The descision is clear, a new meeting point is needed!

In the year of 1977, the mayor and contractor Klaus Mäs decided to creat a place to relax
and indulge for the inhabitants of the town after one of the oldest restaurants was closed.

May 1st, 1978

Begin of the construction work.

After demolition of the storehouses and excavations of the huge area of around 2000 square meters,
the diligent workers accomplished teh first step.
The goal was quite high, as to this time the opening date was already set:
On November, 15th 1978 the doors of the new hotel and restaurant
were to opened for the first time for a festivity for friends.

November 15th, 1978

The restaurant „Zum Dorfbrunnen“ opens its doors for the first time.
Thanks to the diligent commitment of many local companies
and the labourers of the Klaus Mäs Construction Company,
the commitment of the Mäs family as well as the support by
our neighbours the realisation of this project became possible.
Since then the restaurant was the preferred meeting point for all of our guests.

March 1st, 1982

 Expansion by several event rooms and building of the first guest rooms.

We did not think of such a huge rush of guests to our hotel.
That is why we needed more space for festivities and events.
In a short time, two more restaurants, club rooms,
a large event hall and three bowling alleys have been built.
As we not only had guests from our neighbourhood but also from different cities
we built the first six guest rooms to present our hospitality to all our guests.

May 17th, 1983

 Beginning of numerous visits by high-ranked politicians.

In this year, our house attracts high-ranked international politicians.
The this time chancellor of Germany, Helmut Kohl, honours our house with a visit
of the entire fraction of the CDU in the Federal Parliament.
Angela Merkel, Edmund Stoiber, Theo Waigel, Wolfgang Schäuble
and many more attract the media causing a media-hype which lasted for weeks.

The enthusiams lasts which allowed us to welcome
the fraction with more than 300 persons every year.

February, 21st 1986

Our hospitality does not stay unnoticed – expansion of 12 more rooms and the kitchen.

To match the rising demand of guests in our hotel, we built 12 more guest rooms,
this also marks the first step towards our todays international character.

Rising number of hotel guests, new rooms have to be built.
14 more guest rooms had to be built and compliment the now Hotel-Restaurant „Zum Dorfbrunnen“
making it the largest Hotel and Restaurant in the city of Bornheim.

In total, 400 guests could eat at the same time also, we had 60 beds in our hotel.

January 1st, 2000

The new generation takes over, Peter-Heinz Dieter Mäs becomes director.
The youngest son of Klaus Mäs Peter-Heinz Dieter Mäs buys the hotel and restaurant „Zum Dorfbrunnen“
and leads the business since then. The close vicinity to many opportuniies to spend free time
and the close cooperations with several partners from the industry make the „Dorfbrunnen“ grow larger.

Also new is the tasteful buffet on sundays and festive days.
At these events we provide our guests with quality which reminds of grandmother’s days.
It is hard to find another authentic, german cuisine somewhere else.

November 15th, 2013

 The 35th anniversary of the hotel and restaurant „Zum Dorfbrunnen“.

35 years, the perfect occasion to celebrate.
Guests and friend are invited to celebrate this anniversary with us and encourage us to go on


Next generation: Cathrin Maes, daughter of Peter-Heinz Dieter Mäs, takes over and prepares the „Dorfbrunnen“ for the future. Cathrin Maes, who majored in economics and gathered much experience in several companies before, becomes director. We are looking into a bright future.!

November, 15th 2018

The story of success continues, even today we are looking excitedly towards our 40th anniversary.

Hotel and Restaurant „Zum Dorfbrunnen“
in Bornheim next to Cologne and Bonn